Orthodontics / Braces

Align teeth and correct your bite with our range of comprehensive orthodontics.

Comprehensive Orthodontics is what many people typically think of when they think of braces. But there are two types - Comprehensives and Short Term orthodontics.

Are you embarrassed about your smile? Do you cover your mouth when laughing and want straight teeth? Lots of adults are self-conscious or embarrassed about their smile. Various Orthodontic treatments in adults are becoming increasingly popular. Generally speaking, children are recommended to have Comprehensive Orthodontics and adults have the choice whether to have Comprehensive Orthodontics or Short Term Orthodontics depending on their treatment aims and personal preference.

Short Term Orthodontics

Newgate Dental Solutions can offer you effective, safe and affordable cosmetic braces that fits in with your lifestyle and can give you the smile of your dreams in six months or less!

Short Term Orthodontic treatments have become hugely popular among adults looking for straight teeth in recent years as a alternative to comprehensive orthodontics.

The main aim of the treatment is to align the teeth equally, so the visible smile is much better. Short Term Orthodontics focus mainly on the front 6 teeth in the upper and lower jaw - the teeth on view when smiling and talking.

Our dentists are familiar with all different brands of braces and can help you decide what will be the most suitable treatment for you. Short Term Orthodontics is split broadly into two types of appliances

Fixed Braces - these are bonded to the teeth and normally have white brackets and white wires to be as discrete as possible.

Removable Braces - these are clear aligners what can be removed from the mouth.

Will I need to have teeth extracted? We almost never take out teeth for Short Term Orthodontics

How old do I need to be? 18 +  

Comprehensive Orthodontics

The main aims of Comprehensive Orthodontics are to align the teeth and correct any bite discrepancies. 

Normally, a child having Comprehensive Orthodontic treatment would have two stages:

Stage 1: Normally utilises a removable brace for either the top or bottom teeth to correct any slight discrepancies in the jaw bone and help growth in the correct way.

Stage 2: Fixed braces are used to align the teeth and roots.

Will I need to have teeth extracted?

Sometimes it is necessary to extract teeth to make room to align the other teeth. At Newgate Dental Solutions we always try not to extract teeth unless absolutely necessary.

How long will the treatment take?

You should expect that the treatment will take 18 months to 36 months to complete. How old do you need to be to start the treatment? Prevention is always better than cure so the earlier the better.

How old do I need to be? 

Our youngest patient is currently 8 years old.